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The story of The Powertable Community. 

1. Well done. The Powertable Community is charging in the sunshine. See how they think, speak, live and act together: 

2. We live in an ecosystem, otherwise we wouldn´t be here in such a diversity. Yes, but Earth is under threat. It seems that we can not relay on humans anymore. We have to put ourselves into the driving seat. Forthermore, it is not enough to protect our ecosystem, what we need is the global approach and set global standards. 


3. Ok then, but global working together cannot be achieved without those electronic gadgets humans wear all the time?!? Do you mean electronic devices like mobiles, tablets, laptops stuff like that. 0 0 Don´t make us look complete fools like know, There is such a lack of imagination out there. I will definitely not end like this. I

couldn´t agree more. . . Right  . . .Yes, and everything has to be visible, otherwise they will not understand anything. 

4. Bullshit . . . .We are going to run out of power :(   Ohhh I cannot finish my lecture... I cannot work, By the way, a little bit dusty and bumpy here, yehh and rough and uneven ... May be a table would help us . . . . What on earth is a table? I don´t need a table, I need power to finish the shoutout !!!!  

5. How can we get the power. . . . The sun is the biggest source of energy we have!  Plants collect the sun. . . Ok yes, let´s work with sunshine!  .. . . .Are you crazy?  . . .Hmmm, but how to collect the sun and I need a table. :(  Shouldn´t the tables be inspired by nature, in particular trees? - Why not, but this doesn´t solve our problem. . .and the earth is a source of power too....... We´ve got it, We´ve got it let´s create a powertable. If that makes sense, . . . anyway....

6. Look at that SunLoves are charging in the sunshine. The meeting of the Powertable-Community is supposed to take place soon. So, a great symbol to work on that table!!!  I am really interested in what they work out as next step . .  .Me too, but may be hard work to convince all participants on planet earth to think and act ecosystematically, isn´t it? 

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